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The Fund-raising Results from in the “One-Night Walk for Love” Challenge


On September 11th , 2015, Friends of Tong Chai (Macao Tong Chai Charity Association)participated in the Growing Home’s “One-Night Walk for Love” challenge, which requires to walk 25 kilometers in one night. As of September 11th, 2015, Friends of Tong Chai has organized two fund-raising events, and then received a total of 252 donations with the total amount of 42,674.39 RMB. The first event received 237 donations with the total amount of 41,552.89 RMB, while the second event received 15 donations with the total amount of 1,094.5 RMB. Tong Chai is very grateful to our friends for trusting the Tong Chai team and caring for rural children’s education. This donation will enable eight to nine rural boarding schools to participate in the Growing Home’s “1001 nights” project for their 1,600 students to listen to bedtime stories that are specifically developed to meet the needs of students in rural boarding schools for six years.

Who is Growing Home?

Growing Home, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2008 with a focus on rural boarding children’s education and development. Growing Home aims to promote the quality of education and enhance the opportunity for disadvantaged students to receive a better education by providing professional education materials and products like bedtime stories for rural boarding school students, offering professional training for teachers (volunteers),and supplementing the shortage and deficiency of rural boarding schools’ education resources.

Vision: High quality after-school education for rural boarding school students.

Mission: Meet the needs of teenagers’ development by providing professional products and services in the way they like.

“The New 1001 Nights”-Bedtime Stories for Rural Boarding School Students” project provides a recorded warm-hearted story, which is well-selected and developed, each night to accompany those rural boarding school children before their bedtime. Those students are the ones who leave their homes to study in the boarding schools and often feel lonely in the schools.Up to now, 92,705 rural boarding school children in 484 schools of 70 districts or counties in 18 provinces have benefited from this project.

Growing Home is an important partner of Macao Tong Chai Charity Association. In 2014, Tong Chai supported Growing Home’s “The New 1001 Nights” project ,which provides bedtime stories to rural boarding schools in Yunnan and Hubei. The 15-minute story that broadcasts each night before bedtime helps improve students’ psychological conditions before sleep, promote the level of psychological health of boarding school students, and relieve schools of the management pressure. This “listening to a story” project is easy to operate, low in cost, and outstanding in effect, presenting an extremely high value for popularization.

What is “One-Night Walk for Love” Challenge?

China Charities Aid Foundation for Children and Growing Home co-sponsored the “One-Night Walk for Love” Challenge on September 11th , 12th and 18th in Beijing to walk 25 kilometers in one night. The event intended to provide”The New 1001 Nights”-Bedtime Stories for more rural boarding school students and call on more people to pay more attention to rural boarding school students and the problems they face.