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Basic Education

Compulsory Education

Primary school and junior middle school

Helping children receive good intra and extracurricular education, building basic personal living skills and study skills. Thus, children can and will further study and develop themselves.


Problems We Focus On

Due to big gaps between the development of cities and rural areas, most children living in rural areas in primary schools or junior middle schools can hardly get comprehensive development and some of them might have negative psychological impact due to the following reasons: people qualified for teachings are not enough in rural area, the education concepts are too traditional and fall behind, rural underage children live in low quality boarding school and lack of family education. Moreover, how migrant children receive education and integrate into cities, and how to support prisoners’ children grow up healthily with the help of public service and social service are also the priorities of Macao Tong Chai Charity Association.


Summary of Projects

  1. The Rural Children Education Projects : Making Rural Children Receive Better Education in Schools
    • Improving Literacy and Reading Capability
    • Making Rural Boarding School Children Enjoy High Quality Extracurricular Education
    • Supporting the Development of Teachers’ Ability and Making up for the Shortage of Teachers
  2. Migrant Children’s Education Projects : Helping Immigrant Children to Integrate into City Life and Have Confidence on Life
  3. Projects for Prisoners’ Children : Increasing the Awareness and Further Social Support to the Life, Education and Healthy Growth of Prisoners’ Children
  4. Improving Education System Projects