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Education Ecology Building

Education Ecology Building

Focusing on child development, we hope to promote the exploration and attempt of innovative and sustainable solutions to education issues, break the isolated circle of innovative education, and build diverse and viable education ecology so as to accelerate educational reform. 


Problems We Focus On

Whether in on- or off-campus education practices, or in the educational administration system, measures to solve educational challenges innovatively to develop children’s abilities to face the future with pioneering practices are achieved intermittently. 

But can these educational innovation practices continue to develop after they are born, like germinating seeds? Can they promote the sustainable change of the local education “micro- ecology”? Can they swing like stones into the water, influencing people’s understanding of education, and then persuade more participants to jointly build this education ecology? 

The practice of educational innovation needs a more systematic supporting environment, just as the growth of seeds needs sunshine, water and soil, so that educational innovation can grow into a lush rain forest instead of stopping at “birth”.