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Preschool Education

Preschool Education

0-6 years old

We hope that children could fully develop their potentials in language, cognitive, social emotional and learning quality during their early childhood, establishing a solid foundation for their lifelong learning. 


Problems We Focus On

Research has shown that investing in early childhood development (0-6) has the highest return throughout the whole life cycle. It is not only vital to children’s future academic and life achievements and well-being, but also helps to improve the human capital of the whole society, which will further promote the sustainable development of the country. Moreover, supporting early childhood development for poor and vulnerable children is conducive to eliminating intergenerational transmission of poverty and the construction of an equal and sustainable society. However, at present, the support in education for Chinese children aged 0-6 years is the weakest link in their growth cycle. 

Most children aged 3-6 will enter kindergartens, and the gross enrollment rate of pre-school in China has increased rapidly to 83.4% as of 2019, accompanied by an emerging large number of new kindergartens and new teachers to meet the need. In contrast to the high enrollment rate is the quality of pre-school services, especially in rural areas, which does not live up to expectations. Children at this age often learn through play and real-life experience, but many children are required to sit in the classroom every day, following the teacher’s lead, which easily makes children lose their motivation and interest in learning. How can teachers change from teaching to guiding and supporting children? The improvement of teachers’ professional skills is crucial to the improvement of pre-school education quality. Then how to support teachers’ development sustainably? On one hand, it may be necessary to build a more powerful support system including efficient regional administration, regular quality teacher training and kindergarten management. On the other hand, the problem of insufficient teacher training can be traced back to the pre-service stage. Is there any deficiency in the training mode of pre-service preschool teachers in universities and colleges? If the training can be improved from this stage, qualified teachers can be trained to really support early childhood development in education.