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Preschool Education

Pre-school Education

Three-six years old

Helping children receive good Pre-school education and obtain the??development of brains and languages, even social development, preparing for their study in primary school.


Problems We Focus On

Most kindergartens in rural areas are doing what primary schools should do. Parents lack knowledge of early childhood development and do not follow the law of children’ development; in remote and poor areas, there are children who have no access to scientific early upbringing and education. Shortage of early development makes these children fall behind their peers in cities.


Summary of Projects

Since the foundation started to make grants to projectsin mainland China in 2012, rural pre-school education has been the keystone of the foundation. We are devoted to improve the educational quality of rural pre-school education with our partners and increase the chance for rural children to attend schools. Our projects include training for teachers, developing courses for grassroots kindergartens, teaching in a mixed age class, and building a village-level school.

  1. Improving the Quality of Rural Pre-school Education
  2. Making Children Have Access to Pre-school Education in Kindergartens
  3. Making Children Receive Good Early Education in Family
  4. Workshops on Rural Pre-school Education