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Philanthropy in China

Goals of Industry Development

Exploring effective methods to support education projects and training outstanding innovative teams?on education, solving the problems of Chinese education.


As a grant-making foundation, we expect to launch influential?projects to solve social problems through professional grant making?work. The foundation collaborates with Social Recourses?Institute and other grant-making foundations to support researches?on effective grant-making to foundation, launches Roundtable for?Chinese donators, explores impactful donation methods in China?and increase the grant-making ability and effect of our foundation.

Another focus of the foundation is the development of educational?NGOs. We have collaborated with Western Sunshine Foundation,?launching Bridge Plan to help non-profit organizations in preliminary?stage overcome the bottleneck in development. Meanwhile,?through giving guidance for starting up a foundation and providing?a platform for communicating and learning, the foundation helps?these organizations find effective methods to solve social problems.