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Social Innovation

P72 资助者圆桌论坛广东顺德战略工作坊互动讨论

Industry Development and Social Innovation

As a grant-making foundation, we expect to launch influential projects to solve social problems through professional grant making work. The foundation collaborates with Social Recourses Institute and other grant-making foundations to support researches on effective grant-making to foundation, launches Roundtable for Chinese donators, explores impactful donation methods in China and increase the grant-making ability and effect of our foundation.

The development of public welfare is inseparable from the understanding and recognition of all sectors of society and the public. In a society of empathy and innovation, everyone can contribute to the well-being of vulnerable groups. We hope to support people with a sense of social responsibility to enhance their ability to solve problems, put them into practice and strive to overcome various challenges facing this era, so as to create hope for our world.