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2013 Rural early childhood education programs in Cheng County, Longnan City, Gansu Province –Sunshine children’s garden by Western Sunshine

area Preschool Education
Organization Western Sunshine Foundation
Year 2013
Region Gansu
URL http://www.westsa.org/

2013 Rural early childhood education programs in Cheng County, Longnan City, Gansu Province –Sunshine children’s garden by Western Sunshine, has been designed and implemented by Western Sunshine Foundation. This project aimed to improve county-hood early childhood education quality by providing curriculum resource package, teachers and kinder-garten Heads training, teaching guidance.

Chengxian County is located in southern mountain Gansu Province. There are increased kindergartens by the central government support and charity organizations help in recent years. At the same time, there is lack of essential teaching equipment in these kindergartens and lack of quality and quantity of teachers. Before this project, Western Sunshine Foundation has already supported 45 kindergartens’ instruction. They provided environmental design, curriculum resource and toys package; tried their best to look for local support, such as local excellent teachers and heads; hoping that children,,teachers and parents all could get improvement through this project. In this project, Western Sunshine Foundation, working with Chengxian Education Bureau, provided early childhood training materials, as well as Kindergartens Construction Guidance and related resource package, in order to provide tools for local government education bureau. At the same time, Western Sunshine Foundation hoped to provide training opportunities for local teachers and kindergarten heads, aiming improvement of regional early childhood education theory.

Tongchai provided support for 15 kindergartens’ instruction. For 5 new started kindergartens, Tongchai provides all the financial supports, such as environment instruction、curriculum and toys resource package and teachers training. Tongchai provided support for teachers training and teaching guidance to other ten kindergartens, which have been operated for 1 year.

Project Summary

This project provided support for 15 kindergartens in Chengxian County, Longnan City, Gansu province which improved early childhood quality here. The heads of kindergartens have improved their childhood mindset and known better about children development, home interactive, role of kindergartens; Projects empowered local teachers and heads of kindergartens and helped the local kindergartens to establish peer learning network, as well as brought new teaching method and environment instruction guidance. At the same time, parents knew better about how to take care of their children and knew scientific parenting methods, for instance, many parents did not ask the kindergartens to give their children homework any more.