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2015-2016 Orphan Aid Project

area Other Education
Organization China Charities Aid Foundation For Children (CCAFC)
Year 2015
Region Mainland China
URL www.ccafc.org.cn

2015-2016 Orphan Aid Project is a project that the Macao Tong Chai Charity Association(Tong Chai) funded through the channel of the China Charities Aid Foundation For Children (CCAFC), with an aim to support the orphans’ living and education.

Orphans, as the most vulnerable group in the society, have far less chance of acquiring the same lives as the other children’s, and are hard to receive education, while education is critical for their development and growth. Therefore, since 2012, Tong Chai, through the channel of CCAFC, has provided living stipends for the poor orphan students in elementary and middle schools in Liangshan, Sichuan Province; tuition, miscellaneous fees, and living stipends for orphan college students coming from the same region as well. Up to now, there are still four orphan college students who are receiving the funding, and will continue to receive it till graduation from their colleges.