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2015 Operation and Development Project for One-school Public Students Grants Organization

area Other Education
Organization One school
Year 2015
Region Poor regions in eight provinces such as Sichuan, Gansu,Yunnan
URL www.one-school.org

Zhongyuan Student Grant Operation and Development Project, implemented by One-school, a public welfare organization, aims to help needy and poor students to get financial aids from warm-hearted people and complete their compulsory education without financial difficulties. To make it happen, One-school visits local villages to find those needy and poor students and link them to warm-hearted people through its online platform.

In underdeveloped areas in Guizhou, Gansu and Yunnan, every year, there are a large number of children who drop out of school and go to cities to work, without completion of their high school, or even middle school education. Although the state has reduced and remitted tuition for rural students, up to 2,000-7,000RMB living stipend and transportation fee are still a heavy burden for these families, while in cities, there are many warm-hearted people, who are willing and have capacities to provide financial aids for these students, but have difficulties to find a suitable channel to make their donations. Therefore, One-school assigned its volunteers to pay visits to homes of poor students and find these needy students, and then, through its online platform, matched them with these warm-hearted people who were willing to help. Because most of its team members have been to rural regions to help teach in rural schools for many years, and thus have known very well local people and conditions, they helped the organization to become a very reliable financial aid platform for this purpose with nearly 1,700 students benefited from this effort every year. In addition, the organization also provided further support for those students, helping them to understand the meaning of these financial aids, and guide them to use these financial aids to improve their academic performance.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for visits to homes of poor students and also supports project staff’s salaries for One-school to expand its fundraising module.