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2016 Aide et Action Pujiang Mom Instructors Starting Project, Sichuan

area Preschool Education
Organization Chengdu love of fast social work service center
Year 2016
Region Sichuan Province
URL www.aea-china.org

The 2016 Aide et Action Pujiang Mom Instructors Starting Project, Sichuan is carried out in Luping village and Shuikou village, Daxing town, Pujiang County, Chengdu by the Chengdu love of fast social work service center with an aim to raise the rearing level of the rural parents with children? aged 0-3, thus promoting the early stage of the physical and mental development of children and laying a solid foundation for their lifelong development.

Due to the limitations of their own abilities and their cognitive bias of 0-3 years old children’s education, the family education of these rural parents for their children is very much aimless and arbitrary, for example, during the parent-child interaction, these parents usually have no idea what kind of appropriate toys and story books they could choose from, so they let their children watch a lot of video tapes rather than play with them. They attach great importance to their children acquiring the cognitive knowledge while ignoring their childen’s mental conditions and social development. In the meantime, people in the rural area of western Sichuan usually live in small and dispersed groups. The baseline survey shows that the number of families with children aged 0-3 in an average village is no more than 10 per kilometer, which results in a big challenge for the early intervention. This project tries to lead 80% parents in the project to provide more scientific and diverse diet for their children with the frequency and standards of parent-children interaction improved by paying home visits by mom instructors and providing parents with months old-specified combined diet+games+picture books for children. During the project period, Chengdu love of fast social work service center will explore a multi-participatory cooperative model in which social organizations offer technical assistance and project management,? mass organizations push for policy making, while local governments provide supports in their administrative areas.

The Macao Tongchai Charity Association provides funding for the implementation of? pre-training, the indoor instruction activities and the evaluation of the project management.