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2016 Fifth Local Education System Innovation Award

area Industry Development
Organization Beijing Xinminsirui Education Consulting Center (better known as "21st Century Education Research Institute")
Year 2016
Region Nationwide
URL http://www.21cedu.org/

The 2016 Fifth Local Education System Innovation Award, a biannual competition held? by the 21st Century Education Research Institute since 2008 (so far,? four sessions were held), aims to? promote the development of local education system innovations and modernization in China’s education by introducing NGOs to evaluate local governments’ education performance and using the practices of effective reforms to push for more reforms.

Currently,? education in our nation could be said as hugely accomplished, but with tons of problems. Many unsolved and deteriorating “old, big and difficult” problems need to be solved creatively in practice. In recent years, many creative practices led by local governments and local education departments have cropped up across the nation, and are playing a positive role in building a public service-oriented government, promoting the development of education and science and improving people’s livelihood,? thus proving the important value of the? local education reforms.

This local education system innovation competition aims to discover and recommend grass-roots innovation experiences and successful practices, attract wide public participation through evaluation of local governments’ education performance by an NGO, and open up a way for people to participate and evaluate, and influence educational policy-making from the bottom up via media and public opinion.

The Macao Tongchai Charity Association provides funding for the 2016 Fifth Local Education System Innovation Award’ s case research, case editing and innovative studies, and? its awarding ceremony.