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2016 Rural School Development Plan:NSDP Principal Training Project

area Basic Education
Organization Gansu Rural Teacher Training Volunteer Association
Year 2016
Region Gansu Province

The 2016 Rural School Development Plan:NSDP Principal Training Project addresses the issue that rural school principals in Gansu Province lack the awareness of active development, as well as methods and approaches of school development. The Sunshine Fucheng Educational Studio of the Gansu Rural Teacher Training Volunteer Association, with the concept of “watering to the root”, implants the concepts and methods of China-UK Gansu Basic Education Project’s school development plan into the training of rural school principals, and provides the principals with a series of development thoughts, methods and tools about the school development, which guide the rural school principals to extensively seek feedback from the communities, and then from the bottom up, jointly make a localized and endemic New School Development Plan (NSDP) that fits in with the development of rural schools. The NSDP Project goes down directly to the primary and middle school principals in the frontline of rural education with its focus on the training ,growth and guidance of the small-size rural schools’ principals.

The Macao Tongchai Charity Association provides funding for the principals’ provincial-level training, training materials-making and feedback seeking, experts’ review and discussion of training materials, school district-level workshops, provincial-level supervision and evaluation, provincial-level term sum-up meetings and management fees.