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2016 Start Point Project:Xunhua County-wide Preschool Education Project, Qinghai(Phase II)

area Preschool Education
Organization Tsongkha Charitable Association (TCA)?
Year 2016
Region Qinghai Province

The 2016 Start Point Project:Xunhua County-wide Preschool Education Project, Qinghai, implemented by the Tsongkha Charitable Association (TCA) in Xunhua County, aims to cultivate the language developmental abilities of ethnic minority children by spreading the Yiyang reading-sharing model and the Thousand Trees’ musical activities to the county’s 14 kindergartens and training the kindergarten teachers in hope that the overall quality of preschool education in Xunhua County can be promoted through the high-standard children’s activities and the enhancement of preschool teachers’ professional level.

Xunhua County is a national-level poverty county with its majority of population as the Salar nationality and Tibetans. Due to poverty and lower quality of local education, the overall developmental abilities of local children are poor. To make the situation worse, these children’s lack of access to mandarin speaking and learning before enrollment in the kindergartens and inappropriate mandarin education that is unfit for the? language development of children in the kindergartens result in their lower abilities of language development and them being less adaptable to primary education. Last year, together with TCA, we held training for language education in eight kindergartens in Xunhua County through reading sharing and musical activities with children’s mandarin speaking skill significantly enhanced, personality more sunny and social skills stronger. Therefore, this project has been welcome by both the parents and teachers. This year, this project will spread from the original eight kindergartens to 14 kindergartens in Xunhua County, and try to build a local core? trainer team through the continuing teacher training to further promote the sustainable development of preschool education in Xunhua County. This project, in partnership with the Preschool Education Office, Bureau of Education, Xunhua County, will draw on the advantages of the team from Shaanxi Normal University to apply for the provincial-level project with an aim to carry out a scientific impact evaluation of the project’s outcome in hope that the local Bureau of Education can learn from this project to make scientific and effective local preschool education polices.

The Macao TongChai Charity Association provides funding for the project’s textbook purchase, teacher training , salary and operational cost.

Details of the phase 1 of this project can be seen at?Early childhood education quality improvement project based on Xunhua County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province