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2016 Zhengan County Early Reading Start Project

area Preschool Education
Organization 6He Reading Service Center for Children, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou (6He)
Year 2016
Region Guizhou

Designed and implemented by 6He in both Xinzhou Town and Fengyi Town of Zhengan County, Guizhou Province, the 2016 Zhengan County Early Reading Start Project is a child reading-centered pre-school education teacher training project with an aim to let the pre-school educators learn how to use reading materials to design appropriate reading activities, and explore a locally sustainable early reading training system in Zhengan county, thus improving the early reading abilities of children.

The project, through face to face and online coaching, offline training,and visits, etc, has supported seven kindergarten teachers with majorin education who are eager to keep learning theories and methods in the field of early learning, and also encouraged them to put what they had learned into practice and summarize their teaching experience.After these seven teachers are good at teaching and designing reading activities,they would provide training for local teachers in both project towns and other non-project towns,thus paving the way for working out a sustainable early reading training system.

Tong Chai provides funding for teacher training, materials and textbooks needed for the teachers to design their teaching activities.