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6He’s Teacher Reading and Growth Project

area basic education
Organization 6He Reading Service Center for Children, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou (6He)
Year 2017
Region Daozhen County,Guizhou Province; Shou County, Anhui Province; Xinmi County, Henan Province

No. of  Beneficiaries:

Direct Beneficiaries: 500 teachers and 25 school principals in three project counties

Indirect Beneficiaries:  38,000 students


The 6He’s Teacher Reading and Growth Project, designed and implemented by the 6He, aims to explore  a  training system and pathway to growth that is suitable for rural teachers by focusing on promoting reading instruction and developing teachers’ professional ability, thus improving the level of teaching quality in the project regions through teachers’ growth, and together, creating a good reading ecosystem to better serve students.

The project, through various methods such as online and offline training and network support,  helps rural teachers improve their reading awareness and their reading quality, while promoting  teachers’ skills required in reading guidance and reading instruction. At the same time, through the visits by project school principals and the cooperation with the local education bureaus, the project helps win over the support of local educational administrators to  set aside enough class time needed for reading courses and activities, provide external support for teachers’ growth, so that the reading environment and atmosphere  in project schools and regions can be improved.

The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for teacher training, visits by project school principals and network support, etc.