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After Class Activities Project for Students in Rural Boarding School

area Basic Education
Organization Growing Home
Year 2015
Region Hebei, Sichuan
URL www.growinghome.org.cn

After Class Activities Project for Students in Rural Boarding School, implemented by Growing Home, aims to improve the students’ psychological soundness and academic performance in rural boarding schools. The project team expects to develop, pilot-test, and popularize the content and vehicles that are cognitively and physically appropriate for students in rural boarding schools to be used after class, trying to address psychological challenges and academic gaps that resulted from their boredom and loneliness because of lack of after-class activities.

The statistics shows that there are more than 32,000,000 students in boarding schools in China’s basic education, of which, 47.3% suffered negative moods, and 63.8% felt lonely. In fact, students in rural boarding schools have faced a very severe issue of psychological development. Besides the insufficient hardware and ancillary facilities, the other reason for this that can be factored in should be the severe lack of parents’ company and care. After normal class time periods, every school day, they should have four-five after-class hours to be occupied by self-study in classrooms and other work assignments. These extra self-study and assignments do not improve their academic performance, and to make the situation worse, students’ negative moods such as being weary of studying and feeling lonely increase sharply. Therefore, Growing Home developed a “New 1001 Nights” project to broadcast 15-minute best selected story to students in rural boarding schools before their sleeping time, and help guide students positively, After several years’ work, this project has spread to nearly 1,000 schools and has been well received by students, teachers and schools. To further popularize this project, in collaboration with China Institute for Educational Finance Research, PKU and local education bureaus, Growing Home is conducting a scientific evaluation of this project. In addition, Growing Home will continue to explore new ways to enrich the after-class life of students in rural boarding schools and let them enjoy a better and happier school campus life by developing education and school-themed video clips, and trying to use other vehicles like PAD and TV.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the “1001 Nights” project’s outcome evaluation and new project’s development, including the evaluation’s survey, tools and new content development.