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Angle Education Rural Teaching Team Building Project

area Basic Education
Organization Hunan Changsha Mengchuang NGO Cultural Development Center
Year 2014
Region Hunan
URL http://www.mcngo.org/

Angle Education Rural Teaching Team Building Project is established for the capacity building of Angle Education Rural Teaching Team initiated by Hunan Changsha Mengchuang NGO Cultural Development Center (hereinafter referred to as MC NGO). Through establishing a relatively stable and professional team for MC NGO, the Angle Education Project can be continuously carried out with effective operation, in which way, this project’s quality can thus be enhanced with stronger ability in raising funds.

“Angle Education” Rural Teaching Plan will be mainly implemented in some rural primary schools located at the remote region. Usually, one or two teachers must take responsibilities for teaching all students at different grades. The teachers willing to stay in such school are relatively older because their teaching there is complicated and overloaded, and they are barely able to cope with teaching by virtue of their out-of-date knowledge system and educational ideas. At the same time, it is very difficult to provide corresponding assistance to satisfy some special requirements put forward by rural adolescents, especially the stay-at-home children including lack of emotional exchange and confidence. In “Angle Education” Rural Teaching Plan, relevant voluntary service activities with long-term rural voluntary teaching as the core content will be conducted for the purpose of creating a healthy environment for the adolescent’s growth in the company of voluntary teachers. From the year 2007 on, “Angle Education” Rural Teaching Project which has not only relieved the teaching pressure caused by the loss and shortage of rural teachers, but also largely facilitated the growth of the stay-at-home children, has been providing more than 40 rural schools in total with long-term teaching services. In addition to the support given to the implementation of Angle Education’s daily activities, this project will also support MC NGO to deeply explore a suitable method to conduct rural education based on its rich experience in educational practice for many years. For example, through researching the educational method applied to develop the children’s creativity and practice ability, and improving MC NGO’s ability in raising funds, the institution’s sustainable development capacity can thus be enhanced.

Our supports given to this project include remunerations paid to 4 staffs working for Angle Education “Rural Teaching” Team and other expenses for staffs’ study and investigation.