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Bridging Teacher-Student Distance Education Reform Project

area Other Education
Organization Changchun University of Technology
Year 2015
Region Jilin
URL www.ccut.edu.cn/ccut

Bridging Teacher-Student Distance Education Reform Project, implemented by Liberal Arts College, Changchun University of Technology, aims to bridge the distance between teachers and students in and after class, experiment with problem-guided teaching methods, and thus enhance the academic performance of students in non-key universities.

Students in non-key universities are generally faced with poor academic standing and low achievement. Some of them are assigned to majors that they don’t understand, or they are not interested in subjects and teachers’ teaching. To make the situation worse, the university and its faculties attach great importance to research work, and make do with teaching. In the end, students learn little in the university and certainly will not be easy to find a job after graduation. The survey conducted by Liberal Arts College on this issue finds, besides the factor regarding the admission policy, teachers themselves and their teaching designs are also contributing factors. Therefore, the faculty of Liberal Arts College decided to carry out educational reform, improve teacher-student relations and optimize teaching methods to enhance students’ academic performance. The reform approaches include: (1) “drink coffee with your teachers” activity, through which, teachers can have more face-to-face exchanges with their students after class to increase interactive opportunities for both sides. (2) interactive class design, with which, the traditional classroom seating arrangement is changed to bring teachers and students closer to each other for the benefit of a better discussion that involves teachers and students, and increase students’ engagement in study. (3) students’ self-guided learning activity to enhance their self learning capacities and interest, in which, students are divided into groups to do research on their selected themes, and then present their research findings in front of the entire class. (4) mobile terminal app for the regular class reform activity, through which, the mobile terminals like information technology, IPAD, and smart phones can be used to increase the interaction between teachers and students, so as to increase students’ learning interest.

This reform will be conducted simultaneously on students in the experiment group and ones in the control group, and the outcome will be testified by using statistical methods. Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the project’s interactive class design, student self-guided learning activity and the project research and exchange activity.