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China, US, and India Rural Preschool Education Forum

area Preschool Education
Organization Macao Tongchai Charity Association, Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation
Year 2016
Region Beijing

The China, US, and India Rural Preschool Education Forum, jointly carried out by the Macao Tongchai Charity Association and Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation, was held on May 12th ,2016 at the Stanford Center of Peking University with richly experienced international experts in the field of preschool education invited to share their experience in scaling the preschool education in the US and India. We aims to take advantage of this opportunity to bring all the stakeholders together to build a prototype of a collective impact community, in which all parties can explore how to provide the rural children with quality preschool education together.

In today’s world, there are many institutions, organizations, experts and government branches with their focus on preschool education, trying to provide quality preschool education in creative ways for the rural children, but they usually work in an isolated way and to little avail. Therefore, the Macao Tongchai Charity Association and Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation invited the experts from both at home and abroad, and other participants from educational bureaus, foundations, social organizations and media to learn from the experience of the US and India in scaling their preschool education. At the forum, either the presidents or board members from the New Teacher Center, Reading Partners, Silicon Valley Social Venture(USA)and Pratham Education Foundation (India)shared their experience in achieving scaling through collective impact. The scholars and other delegates from China introduced their research results and practices in the rural areas of China. In the final part, the forum provides an opportunity for participants from US, India and China to hold a dialogue on the issues of rural preschool education and its improvement.

The Macao Tongchai Charity Association covers the venue and food cost.