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Dandelion Action’s “Seed Power” Project

area Basic Education
Organization Chengnan College, Hunan First Normal University
Year 2016
Region Hunan
URL http://www.hnfnu.edu.cn/www.etymjms.com

The Dandelion Action’s “Seed Power” Project, implemented by the ArtTeaching and Research Office in Chengnan College, Hunan First Normal University, aims to promote art teaching abilities for rural teachers, and thus improve the art education quality in rural schools.Dandelion Action project has had about ten year’s operation experience, and has formed a set of approaches and methods that guided rural teachers to bring folk arts into the rural schools’ art classes, and compiled a set of folk arts teaching materials that were appropriate to be used in rural schools.


Surveys and visits to rural schools by the project team reveals that the students in rural schools could not receive qualified art education, even if their teacher standing in the front of classroom is a graduate from the normal university with his/her major in art education. This happens because the way they are taught and trained in the normal university makes him/her not qualified for art teaching in schools, and there are shortcomings in the educational process in the normal university.The Art Teaching and Research Office in Chengnan College, Hunan First Normal University, the core team of the Dandelion Action’s “Seed Power” project, tries to train teachers who are both their graduates and currently teachers in rural schools, and explore a set of practical operational approaches to improve their training plan for students studying in college. Then, the Art Teaching and Research Office would put into practice the improved training plan in their teaching, and try to transform the existing art education module in the normal university. The project team hopes that their efforts can also help rural teachers to open locally suitable art classes in their schools.

Tong Chai provides funding for the project’s surveys, principals’training, seed teachers’ training, visits, workshops, art works’ exhibitions, the project summary and outcome release,and administrative management.

Tong Chai has supported the project’s summer training activities through its Start Program.

For details of the project(phase I), please click below the“Dandelion Action’s Seed Power” Teacher Training Start Project