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Development and Test Project of Mixed-age Classes Curriculum for Rural Kindergartens

area Preschool Education
Organization Thousand Trees Equal Education Partners
Year 2014
Region Yunnan
URL http://www.qianqianshu.org/

Development and Test Project of Mixed-age Classes Curriculum for Rural Kindergartens was implemented by Thousand Trees Equal Education Partners (hereinafter referred to as “Thousands Trees”). This project aims to develop a set of teaching materials for children in rural areas in order to improve the education quality of rural mixed-age classes. By using these materials, teachers will be able to organize their classes easily.


In many remote areas of China, limited by the shortage of teachers and the huge distance of the residences, village kindergarten with mixed-age classes have become the primary mode of preschool education. Students from 3 years old to 6 years old gather together to study in most of these classes. However, this situation greatly increased the difficulties of teaching due to the differential of students’ development. And it will even deteriorate without proper instructional materials and teachers’ training system. Therefore, the team of Thousands Trees prepares and compiles a set of textbooks for these specific needs relying on its experience in preschool curriculum design and the in-depth understanding of mixed-age class. This innovative teaching material will make one teaching activity with multiple objectives to be possible. In class, the teachers will interact with students of different ages with different questions. And the older students will be able to demonstrate and practice their abilities by guiding their younger classmates. Thousands Trees will work with Humana People to People China (Switzerland) to test this curriculum in the village of Zhenkang, Yunnan.

We sponsor the development and test of this curriculum with project management costs.