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Effective Financing of Foundation Research Project

area Industry Development
Organization Social Resources Institute
Year 2014
Region Nationwide
URL www.srichina.org

Effective Financing of Foundation Research Project is implemented by Social Resources Institute (hereinafter referred to as SRI), which is the research and advocacy project jointly sponsored by four organizations, Macao Tong Chai Charity Association, Yifang Foundation, Zhengrong Foundation and Narada Foundation.

In recent years, with a rapid increase in the number of foundations in China, the managed social asset size becomes larger and larger. In the meantime, most of the foundations adopt the self-operation mode to carry out the work and the financing capability of the foundations which have carried out the financing is obviously insufficient. With the development of the industry, the concept of realizing the foundation value through financing has been discussed and accepted by more and more persons, and the financing behaviors of foundations will be increased, thus improving the effectiveness of financing is imperative.

Aiming at the two core issues of poor financing environment and inadequate financing capability of foundations, through three methods, concept advocacy, knowledge production and network cultivation, the project of way of effective financing of foundation is intended to advocate more foundations to realize the social value via financing and explore the local based effective financing way.

The project plans to successively release a series of intellectual products, such as “Grantmaker’s talk”, basic research on the financing behavior and current situation of the foundations in China, effective financing knowledge framework, special research of foundation, etc., and realizes the practical application of knowledge via cultivation of learning network of sponsors, simultaneously unites the industry to develop series of advocacy activities so as to jointly push the practice of effective financing in China.