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Four Provinces’ Promotion Project for Rural Preschool Education Quality Enhancement

area Preschool Education
Organization Beijing Leping Welfare Foundation-Thousand Trees
Year 2015
Region Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai and Hubei
URL www.qianqianshu.org

Four Provinces’ Promotion Project for Rural Preschool Education Quality Enhancement, implemented by Thousand Trees Equal Education Partners(Thousand Trees), aims to spread rural quality preschool education projects in four provinces by bringing together resources from provincial governments, universities and colleges, and local education bureaus at the county level.

With the implementation of “Action Plan for the Three Years of National Preschool Education”, the gross enrollment rate in rural areas for preschool education has reached 67.5% by the end of 2013, and thus the difficulty of enrolling a child into a kindergarten has been mitigated significantly. Although the infrastructure and facilities in rural kindergartens have improved much, in the absolute term, the development of rural children is still far behind. The reasons behind it include: lack of appropriate teaching materials, low quality and educational capacities of rural teachers, and lack of training and continuing training.Thousand Trees, learned from its experience from several years’ project work in Sichuan and Hubei, and based on its three level training system(project trainers and county-level seed trainers—>town-level central kindergarten leading trainer—>other lower level trainers), tries to wedge into the government-led and university-implemented national training program to make its selected county-level trainers to be university lecturers of the national training program. By doing this, these university lecturers with professional competence and training qualifications can become core training team members, who in turn train county-level teacher leaders. In the meantime, the training of Thousand Trees has been incorporated into government-led training process. Therefore, its project has laid a solid foundation for scale-up. In addition, in recognition of the huge demand for preschool education, Thousand Trees will take advantage of online training and information technology to enhance the efficiency of training for more rural children to be benefited from quality preschool education.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association supports the project’s operation and promotion fee, and the development and learning cost of online education part.