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“Friendly Family” Project for Rural Kindergartens and Left-behind Children activity center

area Preschool Education
Organization Chen Xi Children Development Center, Tiandong County, Guangxi
Year 2015
Region Guangxi
URL blog.sina.com.cn/u/1987786494

The “Friendly Family” Project for Rural Kindergartens and Left-behind Children activity center, implemented by Chen Xi Children Development Center in Tian’dong County, Guangxi(Chen Xi Center), aims to address the issue of access to early childhood education for children in Dalang and nearby natural villages. It provides quality preschool education for local children by opening kindergartens and training teachers.

Tiandong county is located in the poor and remote area with a concentration of ethnic groups. More than 95% children are left behind in their homes and taken care of by their grandparents when, each year, their parents go to cities to work. Therefore, on the one hand, these left-behind children lack love and care from their parents for a very long time; on the other hand, their grandparents, occupied by their fieldwork and confined to their low level of knowledge, can’t provide enough company and development-appropriate education for their grandchildren. With that, Chen Xi Center is planning on opening a kindergarten delivering early childhood education for children from nearby four natural villages. To guarantee the quality of education and the appropriate care provision, kindergarten teachers, selected from women in these villages, are offered professional training, such as studying in the county’s demo kindergarten as shadow teachers, and paying regular visits to this demo kindergarten to learn from their peers. In the meantime, Chen Xi Center also uses this kindergarten as a center delivering other services for other school-age left-behind children regularly, like rope-jumping, composition competitions, etc., to enrich their extra-curricular activities. In addition, the kindergarten will also become a space for parents to share their knowledge on childcare and education, where pre-trained mom volunteers impart their knowledge that they learned in their self-organized activities such as making dumplings, so as to promote their capacities of scientific parenting.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the kindergarten’s hardware supplement, teacher training, the training and activities for local mom volunteers and others.