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Future Educator Project Design & Implementation and Improvement Project

area Basic Education
Organization Teach Future China
Year 2014
Region Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai
URL www.21tfc.org

Future Educator Project Design & Implementation and Improvement Project is established to cultivate relevant educational talents for TFC organization. Through improving and optimizing TFC’s Future Educator Project, it will effectively enhance comprehensive qualities of various outstanding young rural teachers, and guide them to fully consider the need of the students, exploring proper educational ideas and methods suitable for the development of rural students. Therefore, a batch of excellent young talents will be well cultivated to promote the fair development of education in China.

From the year 2007 on, the government has been carrying forward free-charge normal education in six universities affiliated to The Ministry of Education. Free-charge normal education in university means that the student can study in the university without paying any tuition and accommodation fee while corresponding subsidies will be awarded to support the student’s daily life. Nevertheless, free-charge normal students must work and teach in middle and primary schools for 10 years (teaching in rural areas for 2 years) at their original places after graduation. In 2011, the first batch of free-charge normal students graduated from their universities, and TFC Future Educator Project was also initiated in the same year. However, voluntary outstanding graduates will be selected for teaching in rural schools, and this project will provide them with relevant training and support in the first 2 years, as to facilitate their adaptation to the basic education works and keep them passionate for continuous learning in unfavorable environment. Meanwhile, this project can create opportunities for them to exchange with the outside world and broaden their vision with increasingly improved comprehensive quality and capacity. This project is always devoted to cultiving them as the advocate for quality-oriented education, with broader vision in education career and long-term planning in establishing the networking of mentors sharing the same goal and young rural teachers within 2 years. 5 years or 10 years later, they will play a backbone and significant role in propelling the fair education development in China and facilitating the social growth and progress.

Our supports given to this project include personnel recruitment and selection, training, teaching assistance, construction of the communication platform, mentor’s guidance, salaries and project’s operating expenses.