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Islands Accelerator Project:Dreamook Mengke Start-up Project

area Industry Development
Organization Nanjing Onelehui Networking Technology Co, Ltd
Year 2016
Region Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province

Nanjing Dreamook Mengke(registration name:Nanjing Onelehui Networking Technology Co, Ltd) makes children love reading through play in reading; co-create fairy stories with children through UGC+PGC, and cultivate children’s? story “literacy”. Looking forward to the future educational practice, Nanjing Dreamook opens not only all the creation and design process of fairy stories and their derivatives to make Dreamook become a base of “social learning” for children, but also a “children creating fairy stories”reading space to build a coplay place for educational innovators.

The Macao Tongchai Charity Association provides seeding capital and start-up coaching for the Islands Accelerator Project:Dreamook Mengke Start-up Project. It is hoped that after the first nine months of accelerating period, the Nanjing Dreamook can have a clearer production model and more accurate educational orientation.