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Islands Accelerator Project, Phase II

area basic education
Organization Macao Tong Chai Charity Association & AHA School of Social Innovation
Year 2017
Region Nationwide

No. of  Beneficiaries:20 education innovation and entrepreneurship teams, 60 cross-boundary education innovators, and more than 5,000  education practitioners and parents

The challenges brought about by artificial intelligence (AI) are causing the rapid spread of human anxiety. When the robots can do most of the repetitive work, what kind of people will be needed in the future? And how do we cultivate them today? More and more people are beginning to realize that education must be changed to cultivate future-oriented higher-order abilities, critical thinking, communication and collaboration abilities, innovative thinking, perseverance, etc.,however, existing schools have been obviously unable to meet this demand. Currently, learning is  taking place not only in the school, but also in the process of addressing real life problems. Therefore, efforts should be focused on making education serve the real life by linking the purpose, methods, contents of education, role relations between teaching and learning to real life and real problems. That is “social learning.”

Based on our identification with the concept of “social learning”, the Macao Tong Chai Charity Association and AHA School of Social Innovation jointly launched the Islands Accelerator Project in 2016, trying to seek and support “social learning”-based education innovation projects and education entrepreneurship teams in the stages of start-up and development by providing them with professional counselling, seed funding and long-term support needed for growth to accelerate “social learning” to land in China. At the same time, the project would provide opportunities for entrepreneurship teams to share and exchange their thoughts and achievements, and to study and cooperate with others at city forums, or through research and publishing, so that social learning concepts can be further popularized, and education can be driven toward real life and the future.

The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides the education entrepreneurship teams in their accelerated phase with funding for their tutor resources, learning funds,  exchange and visits, and activities such as the Social Learning Urban Forum and the annual summit.