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Islands Education Innovation Accelerator

area Education Ecology Building
Organization Macao Tong Chai Charity Association/Aha School of Social Innovation
Year 2018
Region Nationwide


In 2016, the defeat of Korean Go Grandmaster Lee Se-dol to a computer called AlphaGo highlighted the challenges brought on by artificial intelligence in making human beings increasingly more anxious. What kind of people will we need in the future and how should we cultivate them when robots may inherit a majority of menial work? While these issues are being discussed more frequently, our education system is still teaching “methods of the 19th century and content of the 20th century to students living in the 21st century.”

More and more people are beginning to recognize that education must be reformed in order to cultivate students’ high-order abilities, critical thinking, communication and coordination skills, innovative thinking and personal resilience. However, current school teaching obviously cannot meet the needs in this regard. Learning happens not just in schools, but also in a real-world context where people resolve their living problems. The concept of educational purpose, within the context of realistic issues, and the mantra of making education serve life instead of sitting outside it, is called “social learning”.



The project takes the lead in putting forward the concept of “social learning” (learning in real-world social life) for the future in China. It aims at breaking the rigid education framework and isolated innovation practices through supporting researchers, advocates and exchange programs between domestic and foreign stakeholders, expanding the frontier of educational innovation and leading more educators through real paradigms.


Our Action:

In 2016, the Association and Aha School of Social Innovation jointly launched the Islands Education Innovation Accelerator project. The project tries to accelerate the implementation of “social learning” in China by supporting education innovation projects and education entrepreneur teams that are in the early stage of development. It aims to run with the concept of “social learning” through the provision of professional coaching for entrepreneur teams, seed capital and long-term support for their growth. We work together to drive the popularity of social-education concepts, real life-oriented education and future-oriented education by sharing, exchanging, learning and cooperating through city forums, research and publications, and entrepreneur teams.

Phase III of the project was launched in May 2018. A total number of 1200 formal applications were received during the application phase. After 6 levels of screening, 19 teams were selected in July. So far, all the teams have completed a preliminary introduction to lean entrepreneurship methodology and a joint study on Taiwan’s educational innovation. They further finished the product development and team agile collaboration in early November.

Moreover, more than 50 innovation teams are gathered in the community, actively disseminating the concept and practice of educational innovation throughout the country. Over the past four months, more than 30 offline education forums, reading seminars and workshops have been held nationwide. After 11 study tours to Taiwan, an online sharing event was jointly held by three teams, receiving more than 2500 listens within a week. In addition, six offline sharing sessions were held in Taipei, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Fuzhou and Tianjin, with nearly 300 participants, mostly parents and educators.