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LIFE Educational Innovation Initiative

area Education Ecology Building
Organization 21st Century Education Research Institute
Year 2018
Region Nationwide


Today, education innovation is at the crossroads facing the arrivals of AI era. It is thus necessary to reflect on the existing teaching mechanism, training objectives and values. Outside the system, there are also forces of educational innovation, some with initial influence, but relatively scattered and weak. Overall, education remains a conservative area, where innovation costs a lot to achieve and has a limited path. Although there are many criticisms against the education system from all walks of life, they are also deeply estranged from each other and lack communication.



By becoming the channel and pathway to understand domestic and foreign educational innovation, where educational peers can find each other. The project aims at providing different stakeholders with the mapping and updates of domestic and foreign educational innovation, expanding the scale of imagination about education, building a platform for more effective conversations, improving education by producing the consensus of ideal education so as to empower actors, connect innovators and promote educational innovation.


Our Action:

The project was initiated by the 21st Century Education Research Institute in 2014. It is a large-scale non-profit initiative that integrates research, advocacy and practice. LIFE implies that education should promote life growth, connect with real life and cultivate lifelong learners. LIFE continues to research and disseminate educational innovation practices worldwide, providing guidance for those who pay close attention to educational innovation at home and abroad. Through initiating and participating in the discussion of education issues among public, it condenses the consensus of all sectors in the society on ideal education. In addition to the biennial LIFE summit, it also organizes small- and middle-sized activities throughout the year to build a platform for diverse exchanges and cooperation, connecting and supporting more educational innovators. LIFE is closely connected to the most core educational innovation individuals and institutions in China. It hopes to unite forces from all walks of life to facilitate China’s educational innovation and promote pluralistic education ecology.

LIFE has now accumulated a large number of innovative cases at home and abroad, including more than 100 LIFE cases, more than 50 WISE cases (2009-2017), more than 100 GEII (Global Education Innovation Initiative), and “Millions Learning: Scaling Quality Education in Developing Countries” by the Brookings Institute.

Since its launch, the Association supported LIFE’s five thematic research areas, including primary and middle school education system innovation research (published at the seminar: Reform of School System in Primary and Secondary Schools and the second LIFE Summit in 2016 March), study on home-based education in China (published at the Asian Forum on Experimental Education and the second LIFE Summit in 2017 December), innovative micro-school research (published at the Asian Forum on Experimental Education in 2017 December), skills cultivation of education in the 21st century (in collaboration with the Harvard Institute of Education, published by Harvard University Press, 2018), and A Comparative Study on Education Conditions of Migrant Children (in cooperation with WISE, released at the 8th WISE Summit).

Meanwhile, “Reinventing Education for Life”, published by the initiative, has been selected as the 2017 must-read book for teachers.