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Love Hut Safety Renovation Project

area Basic Education
Organization Xinxiang Sun Village Children Rescue Center
Year 2015
Region Henan

Love Hut Safety Renovation Project aims to help Xinxiang Sun Village Children Rescue Center (Xinxiang Sun Village) to renovate its two love huts to prevent fire.

In 2014, Macao Tong Chai Charity Association (Tong Chai) supported “Sun Villages” projects in five cities, in an effort to help prisoners’ minor children to receive the care and education they deserve, and make them to have their rights to live and be educated equally as do other children. Now, Xinxiang Sun Village takes care of a total of 71 prisoners’ minor children. The two year’s partnership with Tong Chai has shown that Xinxiang Sun Village has done a very good job in delivery of care to these children and use of Tong Chai’s grants, thus becoming one of the most worthy of trust partners.

In the middle of 2015, the relevant department in Henan Province has conducted a fire fighting and safety inspection across the province, and pointed out that there were fire hazards in love huts, canteen and activity hall which Xinxiang Sun Village provided for children, and needed renovation within a set time period, or the safety of children there could not be secured, and Xinxiang Sun village could face a forced removal.

Xinxiang Sun Village has amassed social capital to renovate three love huts. Tong Chai supports renovation work for other two love huts to help Xinxiang Sun village to create a safe living environment and conditions for their children’s health and sound psychological development.