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Maitian Youth Club Organization Capacity Building Project

area Basic Education
Organization Maitian Education Foundation
Year 2014
Region Guangdong
URL http://www.mtjy.org/

Maitian Youth Club Organization Capacity Building Project is intended to help the organization build a stable full-time team for Maitian Youth Club by providing salary for team members, thus improving project operation system and operation architecture and developing special courses.

In remote villages in Guangdong, Sichuan and Hubei, etc., students have single extra-curricular activities and have no opportunity to develop extra-curricular interests and hobbies due to the lacking of necessary facilities and guidance. Maitian is an organization established with the goal of improving educational environment of children in poor mountainous areas in China and has volunteer team project points in 72 cities throughout the country. Maitian Youth Club is a multimedia activity center established by Maitian for a rural primary school. Through Maitian Youth Clubs at various places, the organization provides children with books, computers, building blocks and other toys stimulating children’s interests and facilities so that they will have opportunities to carry out fabulous and various extra-curricular activities. In addition, Maitian organizes volunteers to interact with students and tell outside wonderful world to children in mountains. Furthermore, Maitian hopes to develop music, art and sports textbooks suitable for countries – rainbow course and helps local teachers and volunteers to carry out education activities that can promote spiritual growth of children.

Our organization provides salary for three full-time employees in Maitian so that the organization is capable of employing full-time employees who are responsible for project overall planning and decision, project operation and equipment purchasing and allocation, and rainbow course development respectively. This lays a solid foundation for successful implementation and stable development of the project.