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Pre-service Kindergarten Teachers Interactive Ability Development Curriculum Project

area preschool education
Organization University of Macau, Pre-school Education and Children Development Center of School of Education
Year 2018
Region Shandong, Jilin and Guiyang Province


Research has proved that the quality of interaction between kindergarten teachers and children is positively correlated with children’s cognitive development, academic level and emotional social development. However, lacking the ability to interact with children is common among pre-school graduates trained in teacher preparation universities in China, and it is often difficult for graduates to adapt to the role as kindergarten teachers. One of the reasons is that the pre-service training model of kindergarten teachers in our country pays more attention to theory rather than practice, emphasizes artistic skills without considering children’s perspective, and lacks courses to effectively enhance teacher-child interactive ability. The ability of interaction has become the core professional skill that requires urgent improvement among a large number of newly recruited kindergarten teachers.



This project hopes to improve the knowledge and ability of the teacher’s interaction with children through practicing the curriculum based on the theory of teacher-child interaction in the pre-graduation internship phase, enabling them to better promote children’s development after entering kindergarten. In addition, the project will explore ways to integrate the curriculum into the pre-school education professionals training system at different levels of teaching universities.



Our Action:

The Association supports the project team led by Professor Hu Biying from the Pre-school Education and Child Development Center of the School of Education, University of Macau. Based on the leading international assessment tool on interaction quality between teachers and children as well as relevant teacher training experience, the team will either apply a workshop-only approach or an approach with both workshops and a one-to-one mentor mechanism to train pre-school education majors in Shandong Yingcai University during their senior academic year. At the same time, the team will also verify the effectiveness of the curriculum. In addition, the content, time and mentoring methods of the curriculum will be adjusted according to the existing talent training plan and the implementation of the curriculum, so as to match the existing programs in universities.