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Preschool of the Future, in Rural Zhenkang County, Yunnan Province

area Preschool Education
Organization Yunnan Office of FAIHPP (Switzerland)
Year 2013
Region Yunnan
URL http://www.hppchina.org.cn/

The Preschool of the Future (POF), in Rural Zhenkang County, Yunnan Province is an early education and growth intervention program implemented by the Yunnan Office of FAIHPP (Switzerland) (hereinafter referred to as the “FAIHPP”) for disadvantaged children in poor areas. The program aims at improving the growing conditions of local children comprehensively through the cultivation of local kindergarteners, the improvement of health and nutrition status of children and the offer of children’s playthings and books.

Zhenkang County locates in mountains near the Sino-Burmese border with 22 minorities and 50% plus impoverished people. Since the villages are far away with each other and the roads are rugged, only small pre-school class in each natural village can satisfy the local requirement. FAIHPP has implemented community development program in Zhenkang since 2008, which improved living environment and income level of local villagers through agronomic practice training, and gain favor from the local community. Under the pre-school education pattern,the FAIHPP POF class is directed by community with participation of the parents’ committee in operation and great decision of pre-school class. The teachers are local villagers recommended by the parents’ committee. Therefore, it can ensure the program to be accepted by local residents and improved local community development and villagers’ capacity. The program also provides bilingual education of minor languages and mandarin to enable the children to understand mandarin lessons when they study in primary school later on. In order to improve nutrition status of local children, the program also provides extra nutritious meals for children, and cultivates health habit in daily study and life.

This grant supports the program through China Charities Aid Foundation for Children. The support includes the cost of necessary manpower for program operation, allowance for teachers of local pre-school class and teacher training. The grant also provides expenses of toys, storybooks and classroom refurnishing.