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Preschools of the Future’s Project in Zhengkang County, Yunan-2015 Starting Point Project(Phase II)

area Preschool Education
Organization Humana People to People China(HPP China)
Year 2014
Region Yunan
URL www.hppchina.org.cn

Preschools of the Future’s Project in Zhengkang County, Yunan-2015 Starting Point Project(Phase II) is an early childhood education intervention project that targets disadvantaged children in impoverished areas. The project team has long worked in rural areas in Zhengkang county, and helped improve the comprehensive living conditions for local children by training local preschool education teachers, improving children’s nutritional conditions, and providing toys and books for local children.

The program has supported operation of 20 pre-school classes in the first year, including 8 new opened classes with 517 direct beneficiaries of preschool impoverished children. The operation of program has resulted in positive impact. After the opening of pre-school classes, the children have relatively stable and safe learning environment, and the parents can also go to work without worry. The changes of some children after taking part in the pre-school classes can be seen ——such as developing good health habits, making more friends, learning to help friends, singing, dancing. Someone introverted became outgoing and someone naughty began to respect others. The bilingual teaching of pre-school classes has also improved the adaptability of children when they go on primary education. In the meanwhile, the opening of pre-school classes has encouraged the parents and residents to take part in the construction and management of pre-school classes, which has improved the understanding of villagers on significance of pre-school education, and helped the villagers to understand child education, nutrition and health. A lot of pre-school classes also become the center of community activities and cultural exchange, which has boosted the local community development actively.

In 2014, Macao Tong Chai Charity Association (Tong Chai) will support 30 preschools of the future in operation in rural areas in Zhengkang County, Yunnan, include 20 preschools which had been supported in last year. This program will focus on improving the educational quality of preschools. Tong Chai invited Thousand Trees Equal Education Partners (Thousand Trees) to cooperation, focus on the situation that one class contain children in different ages in preschools of rural areas, in development of the curriculum for the mixed-age class. Besides, the implement and improvement of the local preschool education teachers’ training system is supported by Tong Chai in this year as well.

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