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Promoting Local Education System Reform and Innovation Project

area basic education
Organization 21st Century Education Research Institute
Year 2017
Region Nationwide

No. of  Beneficiaries:

Direct Beneficiaries: 50 directors of local education bureaus, 10 young scholars, and 20 local educational administration departments

Indirect Beneficiaries:  students in 20 cities/counties

In order to drive the development of local education system innovation, the 21st Century Education Research Institute (the Institute) has been holding the competition and selection of local education system innovations since 2008, which has had a wide range of social impact. Through the Local Education System Innovation Award, the Institute could find a number of cases of reform and innovation in the local education systems, and then summarize, publicize and promote the successful experience and innovative models of local education reforms, mobilize more local governments to engage in educational reforms, and create a reform-friendly environment and atmosphere, so that the good governance of the local governments can be fostered, and the reform of the Chinese education system can be promoted gradually.

The Institute, through the Promoting the Reform and Innovation of Local Education System Project, one the one hand, aims to promote the Sixth Local Education System Innovation Award to discover more new cases; on the other hand, would analyse the dynamics and trends of the cases selected in the five sessions of local education system innovation awards in the past ten years to develop a more clear case selection scheme. And then, it would continue to sum up the long-term mechanism and influences of local education system innovation, and systemically analyse its  motivation, reform priorities, vitality, and the focus of future reforms in recent ten years. Moreover, through the regularly-held Directors’ Salons, the directors of local education bureaus in various project regions would be encouraged to deepen their thinking on certain issues and make lots of meaningful explorations. Besides, international exchanges will also be arranged for the directors of local education bureaus with innovative ideas to share China’s educational reforms and innovations on the international stage, while learning from other countries’ good practices. Meanwhile, outstanding domestic young scholars are offered opportunities to conduct research on local reforms in the project regions, and then, along with local education bureaus, promote reform practices using scientific methods, and provide scientific basis for reform and innovation.

The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the ten years’ local education system  research, young scholars’ support plan, the collection of cases , selection and awarding ceremony  of the 6th  Local Education System Innovation Award, and Directors’ Salons and their international exchanges.