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Rainbow Flower Organization Sustainable Development Project

area Basic Education
Organization Rainbow Flower Organization
Year 2014
Region Shenzhen
URL http://www.dreamkidland.cn/site.aspx?sid=28

Rainbow Flower Organization Sustainable Development Project is a capacity building project carried out to assist the organization in building a stable full-time team by providing remuneration for organization persons, improve operation process of all public interest activities, management of volunteer team and development mechanism, enhance fund-raising ability of the organization and improve feedback mechanism of sponsors.

Rainbow Flower formally started operation in 2009. Core volunteers of Rainbow Flower are parents of a group of children. They try to explore a set of parent-child reading mode with interaction with their children during cultivating reading of their own children. In this process, they find that many families have training demands on parent-child reading, so these volunteers voluntarily organize and carry out parent-child reading party and other activities in communities, libraries and other cooperation sites by training parent volunteers. Rainbow Flower has 17 cooperation sites (11 communities and 6 libraries) in Shenzhen, including 4 village-in-city sites. Rainbow Flower will carry out picture book cultural festival, Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-quality education exhibition, reading baby show and other large comprehensive reading promotion projects from April to November of every year. There are currently about 300 voluntary workers and volunteers in the organization.

Our grant provides one-year remuneration for two full-time workers in Rainbow Flower. This project will improve the capacity of the organization research and development and operation so that the idea of parent-child reading is widely spread in Shenzhen and surrounding areas and focus on improving current situation of general lack of parent-child reading in families in village-in-city within Shenzhen and original regions outside Shenzhen.