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RECE Leveraging the Power of Big Data, Technology, and STEM Education to improve the Quality of Early Childhood Education Workshop

area preschool education
Organization Macao Tong Chai Charity Association
Year 2018
Region Beijing

Jointly initiated by Tong Chai and Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation, RECE aims to improve the quality of rural preschool education by building a nationwide platform for cooperation and communication among local governments, non-profit organizations, research institutions, enterprises, front-line teachers and parents. It plans to promote in-depth cooperation in improving preschool education quality in rural areas.

Then, what does “education quality improvement” mean? In which direction can we really bring more effective support to the disadvantaged children? In today’s social context, since technology is profoundlychanging our daily life and the way of social production, around this era background, what kind of education should our children experience to become able to adapt to the fast changing new era and obtain happiness? This issue has given new implications and requirements to the “rural preschool education quality” that RECE team is concerned about, and prompted us to constantly reflect on the current work.

Based on this, the RECE project team held a workshop on the application of big data technology and STEM education in Beijing from 10 to 11 May 2018. The workshop invited peers from the United States and China to participate in the research and practice in the above two fields and to discuss in depth how to use big data technology and inject STEM education content in order to improve the quality of rural preschool education. In order to help the rural disadvantaged children to get better education, we should provide new connotations. Through this conference, we have also established initial contacts with some teams or individuals who have experience in STEM education and the application of large data technology in the field of education, so as to create possibilities for long-term work cooperation.