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Research on the Quality Evaluation Index System of County-level Rural Preschool Education

area Preschool Education
Organization China Institute for Educational Finance Research(CIEFR)
Year 2017
Region Daming County, Hebei Province
URL http://www.lepingfoundation.org/thinking/index/set-influence###

The Research on the Quality Evaluation Index System of  County-level Rural Preschool Education  was designed by the China Institute for Educational Finance Research (hereinafter referred to as “CIEFR”) and implemented in Daming County, Hebei Province, aiming at forming a set of scientific quality evaluation indicators and measurement methods that are in line with the actual situation of preschool education in rural areas through scientific research and design, and site measurement , so that stakeholders of preschool education  can use this set of indicators to assess the quality of preschool education in rural areas, thus providing scientific basis for preschool education in local rural areas to continue to improve its quality .

With the prevalence of preschool education in our country, the issue of “quality” has received more and more attention. The premise of focusing on “quality improvement” is that everyone can understand what is included in preschool education quality. What is good preschool education in the end? What is good rural preschool education in particular? What methods can be used to evaluate the quality of education and how to further improve education methods and management based on the evaluation, and ultimately enable children to benefit from their development? So far, there has not been a set of  evaluation system that can both incorporate the “child-centered” education concept and is suitable for  the actual situation in rural areas. CIEFR, partnered with experts in the fields of preschool education and  educational measurement from universities like the Macau University of Science and Technology, would conduct surveys and site measurement in such a  representative rural area as Daming County, Hebei Province, and develop a set of county-level rural preschool education quality evaluation indicator system and methods of measurement. As an empirical research institute jointly established by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, and Peking University,CIEFR focuses on the structural evaluation of government input and forms an effective structural quality evaluation system.

This project is a part of the “Rural Early Childhood Education Collective Impact Initiative (hereinafter referred to as “ RECE)”, our cooperative project with the Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation. RECE is to build a set of assessment system for collective impact initiative, which would become  an assessment tool to measure how well the follow-up RECE-funded projects are implemented, so that the system can help multiple stakeholders to work  for the consistent objectives in the promotion of preschool education quality in rural areas.

Note: For more information about RECE, please see the website link above.

The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides financial support for research team members, transportation, accommodation, etc, needed for the development of assessment tools.