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Rural Early Childhood Education Collective Impact Plan

area Preschool Education
Organization The Macao Tongchai Charity Association
Year 2016
Region Beijing
URL http://www.tongchai.org.

The Rural Early Childhood Education Collective Impact Plan, jointly implemented by the Macao Tongchai Charity Association and Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation, aims to achieve the goal that more than ten million rural children can receive quality preschool education and promote the educational equity by building an objective-sharing and highly efficient cooperative platform for the stakeholders in the field of preschool education such as scholars, local educational bureaus, foundations and investors with the “collective impact” as the methodology.

The last several years witnessed the Macao Tongchai Charity Association had accumulated a wealth of experience in making grants to address specific groups of people in small regions. However, because the problems? of rural preschool education are many and complicated, solving certain complex problem in large scale requires multiple important stakeholders? comprehensively coordinate and work together to achieve common goals. That is why we design and implement this project. In this project, the Macao Tongchai Charity Association will learn many successful cases in the US and “collective impact”methodology, and try to work out a localized plan, thus finding out a path to solving the complex problems in large scale in China. Accordingly, the Macao Tongchai Charity Association and Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation will set up a core team to systemically study the “collective impact”methodology, and bring together the important stakeholders(including relevant government branches, university scholars, foundations and institutions in the educational field) to build a networking platform, through which communities are engaged, problems, objectives and work strategies jointly identified, and work can go on smoothly. It is hoped that this project can find out a locally-customized work mechanism of the collective impact and produce 10-15 research and practice results(such as new textbook development, new region’s experiments)

The grant will cover all the work expenditure, including networking building expense, promotion expense, honorarium and travel expense.