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Rural Teachers Leadership Project in Zunyi of Guizhou Province

area preschool education
Organization Zunyi Education Bureau, Zunyi Pre-school Teacher Development Center
Year 2018
Region Zunyi, Guizhou Province


Since 2011, the pre-school education in Zunyi has achieved rapid development with the gross enrolment rate of three-year pre-school increasing from 63% to 87.2%. However, while the previous efforts mainly focused on facilities, the professional level of rural pre-school teachers remains concerning. Most teachers are transferred from primary schools, leading to a serious tendency towards primary school teaching methods. In recent years, the focus of rural pre-school education in Zunyi has shifted from scale to quality improvement, emphasizing eliminating primary school teaching methods through the localization and promoting of play materials. The current challenge lies in the lack of ability and experience in pre-school play area among pre-school administrators and potential teachers in the region, causing difficulty in further practice promotion.



Centred on the localization of play materials, the main focus of local rural kindergartens, the project trains a group of local professional leaders for 6 counties and districts in Zunyi. Based on the goal of developing rural pilot kindergartens, it also develops a mechanism of localization of play and research for town- and village-level kindergartens, further promoting the education quality for the whole rural area in Zunyi.


Our Action:

The Association supports more than 20 regional pre-school education leaders in 6 project counties and districts, including pre-school administrators, potential teachers and directors of local kindergartens, to develop their professional skills in promoting the localization of play materials through study tours and workshops. At the same time, the project supports these leaders to implement teaching transformation within 12 pilot kindergartens and build up teaching expertise, achieving the creation of indoor and outdoor play areas with various localized materials conductive to child development through kindergarten-based training and on-site expert guidance, effectively supporting the development of rural children through area free play.

In the future, the pilot kindergartens, along with the 20 pre-school education leaders with experience to improve rural pre-school quality, will be able to help achieve education quality improvement within the whole area of Zunyi through the network of pre-school education quality assistance built by the Zunyi Education Bureau.