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Ship of Wisdom Reading Development Project of Country Schools in Dajin Town, Wuxue, Hubei

area Basic Education
Organization Heartedu Youth Development Center in Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Year 2014
Region Hubei
URL http://www.heartedu.org

Ship of Wisdom Reading Development Project of Country Schools in Dajin Town, Wuxue, Hubei is a project that is carried out by Heartedu Youth Development Center in Pudong New Area, Shanghai for 15 Schools in Dajin Town, Wuxue City, Huanggang, Hubei to create reading atmosphere in country schools.

Dajin Town, Wuxue, Hubei is located at Huanggang District with the most obvious exam-oriented education in China. Most students are rural left-behind children and some schools are boarding schools. For a long time, basic education of the schools has been dominated by exam-oriented education. Students’ spare time is nearly occupied by homework and exercises. Except for examinations and higher education, the schools provide students with limited opportunity of diversified development. Under this education mode, students with general and even poor grades in most subjects are lack of opportunity of self-expression and channel of developing interests and are also lack of self-confidence and willingness to learn and motivation to further develop their potentials. Under exam-oriented education background, there are deviations in value identification of schools and teachers including parents on reading due to influences of long-term teaching experience and habits, thus causing paying no attention to reading and limiting students’ reading. Some schools have the pressures of keeping books resources and operation due to teacher shortage so that a lot of books resources are unused and are not open to students for borrowing. Those limit students’ free and autonomous reading and directly bound development of students’ reading interest so that it is hard to develop the habit of reading.

This project is intended to improve learning environment for children in countries, help children in countries develop the habit of reading and let them obtain more opportunities of autonomic learning and gradually cultivate the ability of lifelong learning by providing reading resources in line with children’s interests for country schools, creating school reading space and books campus environment that are beneficial to students to carry out reading activities and are open to teachers and students, creating atmosphere of reading in schools and providing country teachers with trainings for improving their reading ideas and reading teaching skills.

The grant provides funding required for operation of the project, including seeded teacher training and communication cost, project follow-up and evaluation cost, project personnel and management and other costs.