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Social Innovation Knowledge Production and Education Project

area Social Innovation
Organization Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation
Year 2018
Region Nationwide


China is now facing large-scale, urgent, complex social problems while lacking innovative talents with responsibility, faith and ability to engage in solving these problems in a more efficient and sustainable way. There are two main reasons behind this phenomenon. The youth in China lack social innovation education from an early age. The society fails to raise the awareness for the youth of social issues and public welfare. University, a key role for training the youth, also fails to equip the youth with abilities to solve these problems innovatively. On the other hand, although social innovation has become a systematic and large-scale trend to solve social problems globally in recent years, and while it is also a popular concept in China, the systematic and indigenous knowledge of social innovation remain absent in China, unable to effectively promote the education and practice of social innovative talents.



Focusing on university and college professors to summarize achievements and knowledge of social innovation in China, further helping universities and colleges become the foundation for training and supporting social innovation talents.


Our Action:

The project introduces world-leading knowledge of social innovation, such as the Stanford Social Innovation Review – a leading international Journal of social innovation. Meanwhile, the project also invites scholars in China highly qualified for describing, interpreting and researching social innovation to join in summarizing local cases and achievements of social innovation. Moreover, it also works on embedding solution-oriented and practice-based social innovation education into universities and colleges.

By the end of 2018, four issues of the Stanford Social Innovation Review have been published in China. Another three quality books on social innovation are under publication, focusing on mapping the current conditions of social innovation education in Europe and the United States. Moreover, by introducing international curriculum resources and jointly developing with domestic university professors, a number of curriculums have been produced, which are used by 9 universities and colleges for social innovation education. In addition, the project also holds Social Innovation Competitions among college students in China, raising their awareness of social needs and cultivating their skills to solve problems innovatively.