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Stars’ Longtan Village Community Library Project

area Basic Education
Organization Stars Youth Development Center
Year 2013
Region Guangdong
URL http://www.starscn.org/

Stars’ Longtan Village Community Library Project is a reading promotion project focus on the migrant workers’ community, carried out by Stars Youth Development Center (“Stars”). The project is intended to allow migrant workers’ children in the community to enjoy high-quality reading living and reduce reading education deficiency caused by unbalance education resources by providing high-quality books and courses and reading places that are suitable for children, parents and families.

There are more than twenty-two thousand residents in Longtan Village Community, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, including more than 80% of population are migrant workers’ family. Community residents have large demands for reading. The survey shows that two thirds of residents read one book at least every month, in which nearly half of residents read books via network or mobile phones and only 27% of residents go to library for borrowing and reading. Main obstacles that local residents go to library include “no time” and “long distance”. The Stars is an NGO focusing on children reading promotion. It mainly builds libraries in underdeveloped areas in China where has the shortage of books resources and has strong volunteer team. The Stars has built a local library to facilitate borrowing and reading books based on reading demands in Longtan Village Community. In addition, the Stars will hold activities, such as story telling, reading promotion propaganda, knowledge experiencing, tutor training classes to improve reading experience of local residents and promote parent-child education development of migrant workers’ population.

Our grant provides the Stars with support for software and hardware required for reading promotion activities in Longtan Village Community, including providing relevant costs for building the library, so that the Stars can purchase books and equipment, decorate the library and purchase furniture. In addition, our grant provides operation costs of the library and relevant administrative expenditure.