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Supervision results-based Regional Educational Supervisor Capacity-building

area Basic Education
Organization National Assessment of Education Quality
Year 2015
Region Gansu
URL www.eachina.org.cn

Supervision results-based Regional Educational Supervisor Capacity-building Project, implemented by National Assessment of Education Quality (the Center), provides training and practical guidance for regional educational supervisors in the system of educational supervision and inspection, with an aim to promote the educational quality of project regions, and thus push for narrowing educational development imbalance within regions.

In 2015, the state officially launched compulsory education quality assessment system. After this system was officially introduced, the next important step is how to use scientific and objective results to guide educators to transform their educational concepts, promote education quality. Especially for educational supervisors who play a role in supervising and guiding school principals in the system of educational supervision and inspection, they need to quickly understand the significance of assessment of education quality. This project selects low education quality regions in underdeveloped central and western China as experimental zones. The Center conducts targeted capacity-building and coaching sessions for project regions’ educational supervisors to promote their comprehensive capacities and professional competence.The Center will also help regional educational supervisors to understand and grasp the new supervision work module, their responsibilities and relevant regulations, thus enabling them to help their regions’ schools to further improve their education and teaching work, and education quality, based on assessment results and their regions’ educational level and conditions. Furthermore, the Center tries to address the educational development imbalance within the region through promotion of educational supervisors’ capacities and setup of educational supervisors’ work system. It is believed that lessons learned from experimental zones will be of much value for the education work in other regions.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the project’s operation, and will cover the expenditure for the project launch, field surveys, pre-test and post-test, regional educational supervisors’ training and coaching, project sum-up and outcome promotion campaign.