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SVP Shanghai Social Innovation Philanthropists Program

area Social Innovation
Organization Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation
Year 2018
Region Nationwide


With its continuous economic development, China is confronted with various prominent social problems in areas such as education, health care, social security, employment, housing and social justice. At the same time, economic growth has indeed led to the rapid rise of a group of so-called “middle class”, who, according to the research (Scutt 2015), will account for 93% of China’s urban population by 2030. The cultivation of their awareness of social participation and the concept of public charity will bring about long-term development in the whole non-profit sector, especially in the field of social innovation.

Opportunities come along with challenges. On one side, currently the social middle class, due to their relatively limited way of social participation in the past, lack the ability to analyse social problems and their root causes, which makes it difficult for them to apply their professional skills to the development of social innovation and help innovation institutions solve practical problems. On the other hand, the field of social innovation in China has just started, and the ecology is still gradually taking shape. After finishing the preliminary exploration of solutions to social problems, social innovation institutions will face the difficulties of solving social problems on a large scale, as well as the problems of their own sustainable development. So far, non-profit organizations, including social innovation institutions, still largely rely on voluntary services with limited professionalization. This requires not only investment, but also talents and the improvement of the overall capacity of the organization.



1. To cultivate the backbone of society, raising awareness and participation among partners of influential investment and non-profit funding and training a group of innovative social philanthropists.

2. Through funding and expertise, help social enterprises and non-profit organizations with potential to transform into social enterprises develop capacity building and solve social problems more effectively and on a larger scale.


Our Action:

Through the SVP platform, the project brings together a group of passionate and warm partners to solve social problems using a new method of innovative charity funding.

The SVP Shanghai project was officially launched in September 2016. After more than two years of team building and rules formulation, there are now 12 active partners. It has helped social institutions such as Hand in Hand and Daddy Lab develop strategy and build brand. At the end of 2019, the SVP Shanghai Project is planning to gather 30 partners. On the basis of managing and promoting the original two projects, two new strategic projects will be completed, establishing the core competencies and products as well as the operation mode of SVP Shanghai.