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“Teach Future China” Organization’s Sustainable Development Project

area Basic Education
Organization Teach Future China
Year 2013
Region Beijing
URL http://21tfc.org/

“Teach Future China” Organization’s Sustainable Development Project aims to strengthen the institutional capacity building of “Teach Future China” (TFC for short). Through providing operating cost including human resources cost for this organization and professional training to the staffs, so that the TFC Team can be stable.

Founded in 2008, TFC is affiliated to UNESCO International Research and Training Center for Rural Education. This organization will assign some voluntary outstanding university graduates to teach students in rural schools or urban schools for migrant workers children for two years, and provide them with continuous and systematic training. In addition, TFC has carried out “Future Educator” project to encourage on scholarship based outstanding normal school students in China to teach in some rural areas. TFC consists of two major departments: Project Management Department and Administration Department. The former is in charge of the project’s implementation and operation, and will always keep the proportion between Project Staff and Project Participator be 1:35 while the latter will support this organization’s administration, fund raising and financial affairs, etc. As an organization to propel the reform of rural education, the growth of TFC staffs will not only improve the organization’s operating efficiency, but also give support to the voluntary team and the maturity of “Future Educator” Team.

Our support given to TFC includes a paid organizational manager, annual incentive bonus for the team and relevant expenses for team training. With these incentives, on the one hand, much more excellent talents will join in TFC; on the other hand, existing teams can be more stable and capable. The long-term goal of this project is to develop characteristic TFC “Culture of Development”, and set a good example for NGO and other supporting education organizations.