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The Bridge Plan Project( Phase III)

area Industry Development
Organization Beijing Western Sunshine Foundation
Year 2016
Region Nationwide

The Bridge Plan Project, implemented by the Beijing Western Sunshine Foundation, is a project that helps start-up education organizations to grow. The project builds cooperative relations with these organizations and provides block grants to help them find out their own problems, promote their service capacities, and shorten their start up period, thus strengthening the forces to change the Chinese education. So far, our cooperation with this project has entered the third year.

In recent years, while the space of existence and development of NGOs has become wider and wider, start-up social organizations still face a lot of challenges, making them hard to jump out of or only stall in,the start-up stage, and unable to provide quality educational services. In the past few years, the Bridge Plan has successfully helped some start-up organizations pass through their bottleneck stage and build their capacities of organizational management and service delivery, so that a batch of social organizations have been able to respond to educational issues, among which the Macao Tongchai Charity Association has chosen a few excellent ones to cooperate deeply. This phase of the Bridge Plan follows the last years’ project model in which it builds a cooperative relationship with potential start-up education organizations, and then evaluate their organizational capacities and determine corresponding cooperative plans. Afterwards, the Bridge Plan will provide targeted funding, training and resource support for the organizations’ at least one of three capacities( project capacity, resource outreach capacity and team management capacity)to be enhanced. It is expected that these organizations, after completion of the project’s support, can get more attention and support from more funders.

The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides a small amount of funding for this project, covering the cost of study tours, project’s operation and management.

Details of the phase II of this Project can be seen at?Beijing Western Sunshine Bridge Plan Project (Phase II)