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The Capacity Building and Technical Support Project of Preschool Education in Migrant Communities

area Preschool Education
Organization INCLUDED
Year 2015
Region Beijing, Guangdong
URL http://included.org/

The Capacity Building and Technical Support Project of Preschool Education in Migrant Communities is implemented by INCLUDED to promote early parent-child education service to the floating population in big cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou. This project aims to lift ability of community workers and enhance the quality of preschool education for the migrant children.

According to the report of National Women’s Federation, 30 percent of children in Beijing are from migrant labor families. Preschool education is the best years for children’s intellectual development, physical development and habits formation. However, most of the migrant children do not have opportunities to receive good preschool education due to the limited quota and high cost of public kindergarten. Meanwhile, some charitable organizations are willing to provide early childhood education but lack of professional ability. Under these circumstances, INCLUDED designed a parent-child education program to support the migrant families with children from 2 years old to 3 years old. This program provides a great opportunity to children and parents to communicate with each other. Many parents who attend this program obtain more knowledge and skills to take care of their children. Since this project has been proved to be successful, INCLUDED also want to influence other charitable organizations to work in migrant communities to carry out similar projects. In 2015, INCLUDED guide two other migrants community centers to implement parent-child program. It provides professional support of teachers about from these organizations. Finally, it also summarizes its method into a handbook so that more people can learn from its exploration.

We support INCLUDED to carry out its preschool project in two of its community centers. In addition, we also sponsor it work on capacity building and technical support to other organizations.