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The Growing Home’s Research and Application of Excellent Cases in Rural Boarding Schools Project

area basic education
Organization Growing Home
Year 2017
Region Nationwide

No. of  Beneficiaries:

Direct Beneficiaries: 300-500 school principals, 30-50 local educational administration departments

Indirect Beneficiaries:  300,000-500,000 students in rural boarding schools

Rural boarding schools are a main delivery of basic education in rural areas. After ten-year’s rural school closure and merger beginning in 2001,  the number of boarding schools in China have soared with approximately 100,000 schools and 32 million students. However, the sudden emergence of so many boarding schools have resulted in many problems ranging from poor management, poor student’s psychological state, poor living environment to lack of after-class education and life teachers. Although education departments at all levels and principals of boarding schools work days and nights, trying to run boarding schools well, it is hard for them to find an easy and quick fix without a mature solution provided by relevant programs. Lack of good management methods and experience in running boarding schools  has led to the above problems.

The Growing Home’s Research and Application of Excellent Cases in Rural Boarding Schools Project, a research project implemented nationally by the Growing Home, aims to conduct research on the outstanding boarding schools in rural areas and find possible solutions and pathways that can effectively improve the overall management capacity and development of rural boarding schools. And then, through case presentations and related advocacy activities, it would eventually  improve the decision-making and management level of educational administration departments to better run boarding schools and manage their principals, thus achieving the goal of impacting students.

The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the project’s surveys, offline promotion and symposiums.