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The LocalizationProject of EEUA Curriculum for Pre-school Professional Cultivation in Universities

area preschool education
Organization Macao Tong Chai Charity Association
Year 2019
Region Nationwide

The Localization Project of EEUA Curriculum for Pre-school Professional Cultivation in Universities was officially launched in February 2019. Through studying, localizing and teaching two courses developed by Early Edu Alliance (Child Observation and Assessment, Positive Behavior Support of children),three professors, including Professor Limin Hou of Guangxi Normal University, Professor Chaoyun Yan of Sichuan Normal University and Professor Ping Wang of Northeast Normal University, will be able to learn the core experience of child-centered and competency-based pre-school professional cultivation courses. Base on that, they will develop localized courses under the context of China’s pre-school education and professional cultivation, verifying their role in improving pre-school teachers’ ability to support children’s development. Meanwhile, through holding seminars, the team will invite peer actors in pre-school field to share experience under the topic of “child-centered and competency-based curriculum development and teacher training model”, exploring potential collaboration mechanism.

Being its initial stage, through three professors’ test of the curriculum, the project will be able to collect about 40 graduate students’ learning feedback, records and reflection of their interaction practice with the children. Through the observation of their improvement in competency, the effectiveness of the curriculum in better supporting pre-school professionals to help children develop their skills in child observation and assessment, or to develop children’s social and emotional skills.