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The pilot project for integrated service of children from prisoners families

area Basic Education
Organization Beijing Fuhe education,science and technology Company Limited(also named as: Beijing Fuhe Social Work Service Center)
Year 2015
Region Shaanxi
URL www.fuhe.org.cn

The Pilot project for integrated service of children from prisoners’ families, implemented by Beijing Fuhe Social Work Service Center (Fuhe), aims to provide professional social work techniques and love to help children from prisoners’ families. During the process, Fuhe tries to figure out an effective module, in which resources of multiple parties are used to help children from prisoners’ families.

It’s estimated that there are more than 1 million minor children in China now, whose parent or parents serving their sentences in prisons. As a more underprivileged one among the underprivileged groups, they are faced with a series of difficulties as they grow up, such as psychological issues, lower recognition of their self-identities, dropping out of schools due to poverty, committing offenses and crimes because of lack of education and care, etc.

Fuhe, with its eyes always on addressing real needs of children from prisoners families-the ultimate goal of Fuhe, hopes to help these children to acquire a sound and healthy living conditions by improving the environment they grow up, pushing for the government’s new policy and social aid mechanisms.Now, although the government is willing to let aid management stations of civil affairs bureaus work with community centers to take on the responsibility for assistance and support for children from prisoners families, the aid management stations lack cases and experience that they can follow. This project will be pilot-tested in Weinan County, Shaanxi Province.With technical assistance, supervision and training, Fuhe plays a role in coaching Weinan New Stars Social Work Center and Weinan Aid Management Station to aid children from prisoners families. During the process, an effective aid module is to be explored. In the end, a much better aid module for children from prisoners families is expected to be set up, in which the civil affairs system takes the lead, and other governmental branches such as legal branch, public security, education and healthcare bureaus follow suit,while social organizations providing professional services.


Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the supervisor training, workshops, visits, exchanges and inspections.